Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center

A local economic development organization and two of North America’s leading environmental service providers have partnered to use waste heat to bring new jobs and commerce to Plainfield Township, Northampton County.

The Green Knight Economic Development Corp., Synagro Technologies, and Waste Management have announced newly planned construction of the Slate Belt Heat Recovery Center in Pen Argyl, Pennsylvania. This facility will utilize leftover heat energy currently generated by the Green Knight Energy Center, which converts landfill gas into electric power generation,to manufacture a Class A pelletized fertilizer and renewable green fuel suitable for use in industrial kilns and similar applications.

“The waste heat generated by our plant has always been designed and intended for such a use since our facility began operating in 2001. This project will use currently underutilized waste heat energy to covert municipal biosolids into a Class A product while creating jobs and helping the Green Knights bring in revenue that will be reinvested in this community,” said GKEDC Vice President Bob Cornman.

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