Odor Control

Grand Central utilizes multiple management strategies to minimize odor including:

Portable Odor Neutralizer Systems

Two portable water-based odor neutralizer systems are utilized around the facility during normal business hours. The neutralizer has no fragrance, but instead neutralizes odors similar to Febreeze spray.

Applying Daily Soil Cover Material

At the end of each working day, operators cover the working face with six inches of approved cover material such as soil and other approved daily cover materials. The working face is also covered throughout the day with a daily/intermediate cover to maintain quality cover integrity throughout operation.

Capturing landfill gas

Landfill gas is the byproduct of natural decomposition and is nontoxic. It is primarily comprised of methane which has no odor and is transformed into energy at the Green Knights Energy Center. Remaining odorous gases are also collected by the landfill gas system, removing them from the air.

Keeping the active working face small

By reducing the area where waste is dumped each day (known as the working face) Grand Central reduces odors.